How to make small living rooms look bigger

Fake soaring ceilings

Rooms seem taller when the walls and ceiling are painted a continuous color. In the picture, an airy white shade camouflages the living area’s decidedly 8-foot-6-inch height—especially when contrasted with the dark floor.

Let there be (natural) light

Windows look much cleaner when they’re not cluttered up by curtains and valances. The sunshine bounces off the walls and tiles for an expansive, mirrored effect.

Choose convertible furnishings

By folding down the back and arms of the day bed, you can turn a rainy-day movie-watching perch into a comfy guest bed.

You Will Never Fake the Feeling of Being in Such a Place

West leaves plenty of room for interesting compositional possibilities: it enters a harmonious dialogue in terms of both colour and shape with the Amber coffee tables, is complemented by the Side coffee tables, with their frame in saddle hide that evokes that of the backrest and enhanced by the Clive consoles, which play around with surfaces, even setting one over another. The combination of the two looks of West, one with backrest in saddle hide and the other more conventional version with padded backrest and armrest.

“Even if you don’t have a ready sketch of what you want – we will help you to get the result you dreamed of.”

Caule for Flos is an outdoor lighting collection with simple understated lines yet strong style identity. Copying the botanical structure of a flower, the collection features a real flexible slender stem, almost a natural element, a subtle addition to any outdoor setting. Available in different heights and configurations, the Caule series comes in a variety of materials and surface finishes.

The bulky look created by the solid sculptural masses of the semi-circular legs of Wedge contrasts with the lightweight feet, which culminate in an oblique chisel tip shape.


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